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Presentation Selection

  • Organizations that are OATUG or OHUG user members or associate members (consultants) exhibiting at Ascend 2021 may have up to three (3) presentations selected for the conference.
  • Organizations that are OATUG or OHUG associate members (consultants) but NOT exhibiting at Ascend 2021 may have up to one (1) presentation selected for the conference.
  • Organizations that are not OATUG or OHUG members are limited to no more than one (1) presentation.

For questions about membership status, contact OATUG at or, call 404-240-0897 or OHUG at or 360-718-3908

Important Dates

  • Friday, March 5, 2021: Call for Presentations Closes
  • Week of April 19, 2021: Accepted Presenters Notified
  • Friday, May 14, 2021:  Deadline for completeing the registration process
  • Thursday, July 8, 2021:  Papers and Presentations Due

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